Saturday, October 17, 2009

Java Sri Lanka Kandy 2009

Computer Software and Education Exhibition

“Java Sri Lanka Kandy 2009” Software and Educational Exhibition will be held at IJTS Kandy, 321, Peradeniya road, Kandy on 23rd 24th and 25th October from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm 2009 in collaboration with After A/L Future Seekers. Our Strategic Partner is Sri Lanka Telecom (Official Land & Mobile Telephone and Internet Sponsor). This could be considered as a remarkable event in the IT field, since Java Sri Lanka is the only software exhibition ever organized in Kandy.
Some high quality e-Commerce application software and industrial and business software products developed by skilled young professionals will be exhibited in the exhibition for 3 days and those software solutions are ready to sell.
Our vision is to facilitate automation of all the business entities in Sri Lanka to get the maximum productivity and profitability and extreme customer satisfaction with available minimum resources in your organization at a minimal investment.
As you know software investments are very high and can be hundreds of thousands in the market. You will be able to purchase your software at highly affordable prices from young professionals at the exhibition.

10 Top Reasons why You Should Visit Java Sri Lanka - Kandy

1. Know Daily Profits: Traditional accountants calculate profits annually. This may lead to take incorrect business decisions. Software shows profits on a daily basis. You have to only use the computer for invoicing and enter expenses to the computer.

2. Know Your Stock Then and There: When the invoice is raised from the computer, stock is reduced and when the purchases are entered the stock is increased. Stock in the computer will match with the physical stock at any given time so that you do not have to visit the stores to see the actual stocks

3. Collect Credit on Time: Tracking creditors is one of the major difficulties in any business. Software solutions provide accurate credit collection information in a timely manner.

4. Plan and Pay without Fail: Delay in payment increase interests and also destroy the good name of your organization. Software solutions manage and provide correct information to pay on time.

5. Manage Your Bank Account: Payment for postdated cheques is a major hassle to any business not because of finance shortage but because of timely deposits. Hand over that burden to the software solution and it will handle that free for you.

6. Calculate Salary Accurately: Mistakes and human errors in salary calculations make employees unhappy. Automate your payroll. You have to enter time in and time out only. Salaries will be calculated automatically.

7. Check Employees Who get Delayed to Work: Get attendance reports of who come late to the company regularly and who take leave regularly.

8. Increase the Work Load of Employees Without any Burden: All manual work take time. Complete documentation can be automated to increase the work load of an employee without a burden to them.

9. Build Good Customer Relationship: Customers may be unhappy when they are not properly treated. Keep all details and all transactions about customers to give a better service

10. Control Expenses Properly: If you can analyze last month’s expenses you can budget for next month’s expenses properly. The software solutions will do this for you easily even if you do not have that much of a computer knowledge.